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Elevating the Standard of Cardiac Monitoring

WearLinq introduces the first and only 6-lead wireless cardiac monitor

Imperceptible monitor
<48h EOS report delivery
6-lead recording
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Meet the eWave: The only 6-lead Wireless Cardiac monitor

6-Lead EKG

As a cardiac monitor with 6 distinct leads, the eWave provides cardiologists with a detailed multidimensional view of the heart with exceptional ECG clarity.

Imperceptible 4-in-1 Monitor

The eWave is focused on Mobile Cardiac Telemetry and Extended Holter monitoring in an imperceptible format - offering unsurpassed diagnostic value.

Wearlinq Mobile App & Services

We created a convenient application for patients to simplify the use of the eWave & access data in real-time:

Digital DiaryMatch EKG strips with patient events including additional activity context.
Connectivity CheckImmediately notify and replace patches to ensure high quality signal throughout the entire prescription period.
Immediate DataThe digitized diary and continuous transmission enables us to have all the patients data, before we even receive the monitor back.
24/7 Concierge ServicesOur staff will help with downloading the app, apply the patch and anything else the patient may be wondering - all improving compliance.

Patient-centric design

The eWave is a state-of-the-art device: remarkably light and discreet, featuring skin-like, comfortable electrodes for a seamless fit.

A single charge offers an impressive 5 days of uninterrupted use, providing unmatched convenience in a sleek and modern design.

Meet our IDTF: Wearlinq Labs

Thirty-two years of world class patient care with round the clock coverage by Certified Cardiographic Technicians.

High Quality Reports

With a focus on accuracy, clarity, and relevance, high-quality cardiology reports play a vital role in optimizing patient care and improving outcomes in cardiology practice.

Delivered within 2 days

Our expedited high-quality cardiology reports are meticulously crafted documents summarizing key findings from diagnostic tests and patient assessments, delivered within a swift turnaround time of just 2 days - often before the device is returned.

STAT Reports produced daily

Our daily STAT cardiology reports are expertly crafted documents summarizing crucial findings from diagnostic tests and patient evaluations, delivered with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

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